Buck’s was opened by Jamis MacNiven, an artist and former contractor. When he opened his pancake restaurant in Woodside, no one had any idea that some of Silicon Valley’s biggest deals would be made there. Heads of state, tech titans, and celebrities have come and gone. MacNiven has a lot of stories to tell. A lot of major deals were made – and continue to be made – in Buck’s of Woodside. The Google founders met their investors here.

But all the other big names of the Valley come and visit, too. Buck’s is a combination of restaurant, burger bar, breakfast eatery, and rummage shop.

Over the past two decades, Buck’s of Woodside has become a hub of Silicon Valley. It is known for its quirky decor, and as a breeding ground for tech companies. Jamis MacNiven has experienced some of the most monumental events in the history of technology. From the first demos of PayPal to the launch of Hotmail, MacNiven has witnessed it all right here. Hanging on the walls are inventions and innovations from what seems like the past 100 years.

Last year, Petra Vorsteher introduced us to this fascinating place, where were indulged in a mid-afternoon snack.

Needless to say, this year’s trip to Buck’s is also a must! In 2018, we will return to Buck’s on Tuesday, 31 October. Get ready for a tasty burger, or whatever else may tantalize your taste buds!