About the Lean startup Conference

“Lean Startup Co. events bring the big ideas from Eric Ries’ to the real world around the world. We understand there’s one level of learning you get from reading and another level from doing the work—and hearing how other similar organizations are interpreting and doing the work too. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate innovator, you’ll learn how to implement and evolve the Lean Startup methodology beyond the startup phase—to scale—in enterprise, in government, in nonprofits, and in areas you’d least expect it. Alongside keynotes and case studies at Lean Startup Week, we offer workshops and mentoring sessions where you can have more immersive experiences, breaking off a chunk of the practice and working through it with our seasoned experts. Of course our community also loves to network and share their stories and struggles with each other. The learnings you come away with happen on all levels, from the inspirational to the personal.

Our 2017 Lean Startup Week is themed around The Startup Way,. Eric Ries’ upcoming book, which is on making entrepreneurship a fundamental discipline of every enterprise

You’ll take on new concepts Eric writes about in The Startup Way, and learn from seasoned business leaders who’ve come in charge of their large organizations, from founders of high-growth startups, and from those who are deep in the trenches, along with receiving their own copy of the new book. ”         The team of the lean startup conference

Once again, as in 2015 and 2016, we’re looking forward to visiting the Lean Startup conference with you in 2017. We’re excited about Eric’s new book ‘The Startup Way’. There’s even a chance that we’ll have a meeting in person with Eric in San Francisco. Approximately 600 international participants are expected to attend the conference. Tec.tours usually represents the largest group from Germany. Get inspired by our video and get ready for a conference you won’t soon forget. The video was created in 2015 on tour with our SpeedUP! Europe team. This year, the conference will again change locations from Pier 27 to the event location ‘The Warfield’ at 982 Market Street. This is good news for this years tec.tours participants, since it’s only about a 5-minute walk from our Fusion Hotel at140 Ellis Street.

The Lean Startup conference will be accompanied by a trade exhibition. It is further complemented by several lounges for chatting and, if necessary, there’s a co-working space for a short working session.

Eric Ries and his team say goodbye to the participants of the 2016 Lean Startup Conference.